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Martin Luther King Jr. Day March 2018

Monday, January 15th


Our Partners

WE NEED YOUR HELP! With your generous donation dollars, we are able put more "boots on the ground." These boots on the ground will assist teens in crisis, fight senseless violence and save lives.

Boots On The Ground Saves Lives

Please Send Tax Deductible Donations To:


P.O. Box 904

Newport News VA 23607

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Best Kept Secret Stop The Violence

Best Kept Secret-Stop the Violence is continuously eradicating violence, surrendering fire arms into the local officials, taking an active role in the communities and remaining consistent in helping change, shape and mold our youth in the community.


Our youth are leading a life with little to no guidance; there is an issue in their home, their school, with their peers, and most of all with themselves. Our youth face issues head on without any relief or understanding. We have youth that come from a violent environment, with lack of communication and no regard for life. As adults and parents it is a must that we come together collectively to rid of these issues. The murder rate is steadily climbing and there is no time better than now to say that enough is enough.